Sunday, March 14, 2010

DC Sketchbook PT. I

Every year DC Comics sends a cool gift out to freelancers for Christmas. This year was a cool little sketchbook. I've been exclusively doing Batman sketches in it. Just feels right.

Here's a few of them.



Samax said...

love that Joker!

PatrickWedge said...

Is that the little leather, spiral bound sketchbook? If so, yes, ripe for dark sketches.

That 3rd Batman image is a...mazing. Raw and nasty...the way Batman should be.

Of course, they all are pretty tight.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks fellas! Yeah,it's the little leather bound one. Awesome. Gotta see if I can swipe more next time I visit the offices.

Thanks again, and glad you dig the sketches :)

Dan C said...

Love these, Mike. That final Batman drawing just makes my jaw drop. Fantastic.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Dan. Funny, that's my least favorite :)

Will Rosado said...

I loved those DC gifts. the last one I got was over ten years ago and it was a nice messenger bag that I still use. that thing is still holding up!

Mike Hawthorne said...

yeah, they're gifts are usually great. I loved the metal framed usb drive they sent. The playing cards, not so much. But it was a nice thought :)