Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conan VS Hellboy!

The crossover you never expected!

Still can't believe we're doing it!

Ok, ok. This was a bit of a put on for April Fool's Day! Well, you can only blame yourselves! I never ACTUALLY said it would be a comic crossover, just a crossover in this piece of commission art!

To make it up to you guys, the first ten people to e-mail me at mhawthorne @ gets a free Conan sketchcard!

Got all ten people lined up for free sketches. Thanks everyone, and sorry if you missed out this time around.



Samax said...

Anung Un Rama, Barbarian!

eye-melt said...

Love it! Hey, remember those awesome What if?.. issues where Conan came to modern day New York?

But this is an April Fool, surely? I mean I hope it isn't!

Rasmane said...

Stop dat right now, eye-melt!!! This would be the wrongest (non-debilitating) April Fool’s joke ever.

Patrick said...

This would be great and make sense. Those two could throw back some massive amounts of ale.

Their bar tab would be out of this world.

Sweet drawing!

John G said...

I love you, Mike Hawthorne.

davelevine said...

Freakin' awesome! But this is just one your commissions, right?

DirkStar said...

OMG! I gotta have it!

Mike D. said...

Finally an official CONAN crossover! Very very cool ghoul very cool!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Samax - Word!

Eye-melt - Well, I never actually said it was a crossover in a COMIC! Just said it was a crossover, and showed the art. You guys ran with the rest ;-)

Pat - Indeed,they would!

John G. - Right back at you, man!

Dave - Yeah, you got me... it's commission :-)

Dirk - If you mean the art, you can always get a commission. If you mean a comic, well... you're gonna have to petition Dark Horse! :-)

Mikeyboy - Please don't be mad at me...

It is April 1st after all!

Thanks for playing along everyone! Sorry if I misled anyone and got your hopes up.

To make it up to you guys, the first ten people to e-mail me at mhawthorne @ gets a free Conan sketchcard!


Mike D. said...

Mike - if it's ok with you I re-posted your HELLBOY pic over on
"CROM the Ultimate Conan fan blog"
Just to share your very laudible prank with the follerers of CROM. :)

Mike Hawthorne said...

HA! Thanks for being a good sport, and for the link!