Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thulsa Doom commission

Hey all!

Got some incredibly cool commission requests, and am working on them now.

Wrapped up the first one, Conan and Kull villain Thulsa Doom! Man, I had so much fun drawing this that it makes me wish Roy would write him into the Conan series! Who doesn't want to see this guy fight Conan?!

Any way, more soon.


PS - See the previous post for items still on sale. I'll be posting new stuff soon.


Monkey Marc said...

wow! that's great Mike :D

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, man :-)


Patrick said...

Wow...that is dripping of John Buscema. Not that you are trying to ape him or copy him. It is yours but just the inking/finishing style.


Scott Cohn said...

holy crap that's cool! nice job!

i am now inspired...

Mike Hawthorne said...

Pat - That's some damned high praise, man! Thanks!

Scott! - Thanks, man! You've been posting some great stuff on your blog!