Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old School Teen Titans

Here's another cool commission I did recently. It's to be a companion piece to the DOOM Patrol art I did a while back for Comic Twart. Same cool collector owns both pieces.

Hope you dig it.



Patrick said...

Heh...I actually like the little smug look on Robin's face.

Nice composition on the layout. Shows that team aspect yet also showed how they had conflict. Not sure if that is what you were after.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Patrick! I was definately trying to show their individual personalities as well as their body types int his piece. You gotta figure Aquaboy would be bulkier, since he's used to the pressures underwater, and Kid Flash would be all leg muscles and sinew. That kind of thing.

Oh, and an Amazon has GOT to have some booty... but I may have made that rule up ;)


Rasmane said...

There’s definitely some teenaged *ahem* energy in this piece...

Mike Hawthorne said...