Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buck, buck, buck, BUCKY!

Funny thing about being on Comic Twart. I'm constantly asked to draw characters that I've not only never drawn before, but never even THOUGHT to draw before. Like Captain America's "Robin", Bucky Barnes. I like that the group forces me out of my comfort zone. Promotes growth.

It's Bucky Barnes week over on Comic Twart. I expect we'll see some goodies from the fellas, three of which are or have worked on Captain America.



Mike D. said...

I love Bucky...the greatest sidekick in history ,beats out Robin if ya axe me! I don't feel killing him again is a good idea.
Plus I'd like to see Psycho Cap return...with a different more sane outlook

Mike Hawthorne said...

Yeah, he seems pretty bad ass. Samnee's first issue of Cap and Bucky him is a cool set up. Nice intro for a guy like me who doesn't know much about him.


Ray Bonilla said...

WOW, really amazing take on that character! I'm a fan of his "golden age"digs

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Ray!