Monday, January 30, 2012

Oms en Série promo pocess

Hey everyone,

Since the purpose of this blog is to be a "sketchbook", and we all like process posts, I figured I'd post the process behind that Oms en Série promo art.

Presented in the order which I drew them.




Asa said...

First - total sploosh. This thing is so pretty, so thanks for the process, man.

Second - did you use the grad sky as an overlay or multiply on the starfield.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, man!

I guess I should have explained a bit. I had made the first version using a high res (royalty free :) photo from deep space, then went in and altered parts of it. Really all I wanted was that space cloud to the right. Then I went in and created more stars by drawing with the brush and smudge tools.

I then decided to do a simpler version, with less background "noise" as well as flatter colors on the figures. But in the end I liked the impact of the first "star" background, so I got rid of some stars and toned down parts of the "clouds" with gradients and a brush tool. I also bumped up some stars here and there.

Whenever I use a photo for something like this I feel guilty about it, as if I'm cheating. So I end up working over the photo till I've drawn enough of it that I feel I've done my job, so to speak.

So, no. I didn't use it as an overlay. Just a tester for a different approach.


Scott Cohn said...

i can't wait to pick this up, dude. nuff said! those colors are gorgeous. and the drawings i saw in the interview were spot on, slick, clean, well proportioned, and had lots of character.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Man, Scott...thank you! Means a lot, bro. I'm glad you dig it, and appreciate the keen eye looking it over. I'll try and bag you a copy once they're out ;-)

Hope to see you soon!