Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Last Zombie variant cover

Remember that "Disturbing cover" I posted about a few weeks back? Well, I can finally reveal it in all it's gory glory. It's a variant cover for my pal Brian Keene's comic series "The Last Zombie".

Brian knows a thing or two about writing and Zombies and writing Zombies. Hell, if I remember correctly, even The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman credits him with helping bring back the genre!

Brian is a successful, Bram Stoker award winning novelist, but is also a true fan of comics. He's even written for both Marvel, and DC. The Last Zombie is all his though, and mixes all the things people love about Brian into comic book goodness. Support independent comics, go tell your local comic shop to order a copy, or you can order online.

And, for all you process zombies, here's the cover step-by-step.

Hope you enjoy it!,



hkphan said... Whoa! Now that's how you do decay.

Tod said...

Excellent cover! My favorite of all THE LAST ZOMBIE covers so far.

~Tod Clark

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, guys! You're too kind :-)

Hopefully we can work it out and I can do more in the future.