Monday, April 29, 2013

Free Comic Book Day event: Come out and help those in need

Hey everyone,

This weekend is Free Comic Book Day, and I'll be at Comix Connection in York, PA! 

I'll be signing comics and sketching, which is always fun, but for me the event is really my opportunity to help collect food for our local food bank. Frequent visitors to this blog know that this is a charity close to my heart, and I'm always eager to help.

In addition to the free comics, people coming to the event with food donations get extra free goodies from the Comix Connection gang. But the person with the largest donation will get a free piece of art work from me!

More info here. 

So, if you're near Central PA, please come by with your food donations. I'll be there with new Deadpool comics, as well as the FCBD edition of FUBAR I did the cover for. I look forward to meeting new people, seeing old friends, and pooling all our efforts to help people who really need it.



Patrick said...

Dang, wish I was in the area but always great to see you helping out and in a cool way.

BTW, got the first Deadpool, that was some good stuff. That first splash with the mini-Deadpools...awesome. Love the perspective warping there. Can't imagine the time on that page.

Just wonderful though!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, man!

I had a hell of a lot of fun with DP. That first page is one of my favorites of the whole run (which I'm wrapping up now)