Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sprint shirt designs 08 pt. 1

Hey all,

I'll be making a new shirt in the next couple of weeks, and have been trying to hammer out a design. Here's one I did, but I'm not totally sold on it. I figured I'd float it out here to see what you folks think.

Here's a two color version.

The "Beautifuller and Beautifuller" is a quote from Luis Armstrong, which always loved and fits how I feel about building my online comics. I want to use more ornate text, but you get the idea.

Let me know what you think. I already have some ideas of what's not working, but don't want to say them so as to see if it's just me or if anyone else sees it.



Justin Stewart said...

Nice! I'm digging the first colored one, but I don't think you need that heavy of a stroke around the art and the random dots could be a little distracting.

Other than that, let it ride!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks man! Yeah, it does get chunky. I think it *might* work on a shirt, but I'm stilling fighting with it.

My biggest issue is that I tried to make a figure of sorts with the tank as a head, but I worry that the flared bottom looks like a dress...which was unintentional.


Patrick Hoover said...

I don't think that the bottom looks like a dress, but if you wanted you could extend the leg out to show the knee, which might help alleviate that problem for you. Also, I like all of the versions minus the white on black one...I don't think that one reads very well considering the amount of shadow you're using in the drawing.

Daniel Hardesty said...

Hey Mike! Hope all is well. A t-shirt?!? Very cool. Here's my comments for what they're worth...

LOVE the tank and surrounding frame/graphic. Direct and will look great on the shirt. I guess my issue with the design, and I don't feel this way 100%, is that the tank and character don't seem to mesh too well. I think the guy's facial features could use some hammering out, to make them stand out more prominently. I think going more graphic (Illustrator type work) would meld your character and logo. As you said, definitely change the font, and if it were me, I'd get rid of the form fitting border on the bottom and just flatten that black out or something. Love the shells popping off, nice. And I definitely go more for the B&W versions.

Take it with a grain of salt my friend, I don't know how much my comments are worth! :)

Still cool even if you don't change it! Take care!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I've already done up a new version, and will post it tomorrow.