Friday, January 23, 2009

Guess who I drew today?...

Here's a hint:




Unknown said...

Shit. I'm gonna guess Roadblock. Am I close?

Mike Hawthorne said...

Close, but no. ;)


PS - This is a trick question...

PatrickWedge said...

Funny thing is, this past weekend I was able to dig out my two large boxes of original GI Joe toys ouot of storage for my 10 year old boy. Had to do some repair on all the figures (the rubber bands holding all the figures together were shot) but playing and putting that stuff together. Man, love seeing those old figures and knowing their names.

Firefly = besides Storm Shadow, Firefly was a bad ass. And Scout. And Tomax/Xamot.

What a great series!

Ummm....yeah, cool drawing too. :)

PatrickWedge said...

PS: Mike, my buddy starts his arc on GI Joe today as well. Said he is so jazzed about getting into the series.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Cool. So far the stories are really great! Who's your buddy?

Oh, as for Roadblock. This IS technically Roadblock, but he's not Roadblock anymore. They changed his name.

No more hints.


PatrickWedge said...

Lee Ferguson. He is running on GI Joe issues 7-12. Robert A. is doing the first arc and Lee is stepping in on the second run. You're on the Origins series and he's on the main title. Lots of Joe action in my future.