Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speaking of Hysteria...

...One Man Gang is still going strong.



Mr.Magoo said...

Excellent artwork, I'll be staying tuned!

Anonymous said...

I really like this! Inspiring!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Mr. Magoo - Thanks! I appreciate it!

DAWUD? Wait, you're DAWUD ANYABWILE!? YO, you created Brotherman!!?

Ok, forgive me for a moment cause I'm gonna spaz out a little bit! You don't know this but you indirectly inspired me to self publish Hysteria back in 98/99! I lived just outside of North Philly in Cheltenham/Jenkintown and went to Tyler School of Art years ago. I got put onto Brotherman by a friend from West Philly and loved it. The idea of self publishing was new to me, and the fact that you were doing it was an inspiration. I think you had an office on Germantown Ave at the time, and I knew a guy that knew you and I had been trying to get him to introduce us so I could show you my work!

HA, this is too much! Thanks for swinging by the blog man!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Funny how things come full circle! You must be talking about the store I had on Washington Lane back in '95! I attended Tyler back in 1985 but never finished! I am sure that we will have the opportunity to connect one day soon. I usually roll through Philly for the Black comicon at Temple or just to visit fam and friends. Your work is on fire and now I am the one who is inspired. I would love to keep in touch and hopefully we can meet one day.

Peace Mike!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Oh man, for sure!! Yeah, let's keep in touch!!


(Look at me getting all fanboyed out!:)