Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ORIGINS line art

I have a friend who freaking loves the JOE stuff I'm doing uncolored. He's just into the line art more, for whatever reason. SO, I figured I'd post a few pages of line art for the rest of you folks to check out.

Personally, I'm thinking of these pages as a total package. It's just not done till it's colored. I don't consider this a finished page, as many of the decisions I'd normally make in the inks (Adding volume to the forms, lighting, etc.) I'm now doing with the color.

BUT with that said If you folks like seeing the uncolored pages, I'll post more. Let me know what you think.



PatrickWedge said...

You know, like your friend, I do like the line art only. Of course, I like both products. When I view this stuff, I see the art when I look at Golden, Haynes, Pearson, etc.'s line art. Still raw but really neat to see how the coloring just adds to the art more. Like the first panel. That's a ton of details. Sometimes adding coloring can really hide all the detail (or maybe I should say, it distracts people's eyes).

And another thing, coloring can help storytelling but it can't fix it. So line art really can let you see some cool storytelling sequences. I'm all for you posting more when possible.

L Jamal Walton said...

I think I'm decorating my living room with black and white original art and need more Hawthorne art.

Patrick Hoover said...

Mike, definitely post more of the B&W linework. This is the real meat of the art. If you have crappy looking linework, no amount of polish (aka color and lighting via PC) will make that turd look like anything other than a shiny turd. The reason your stuff is good is because of the great strength of your linework.
I love the colored stuff you do; the end result. But the strength comes from your pen to paper, and it's great to see that as well.
Plus, it lets us see the artist's progression through the work, which is always a bonus. Keep up the great work!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks fellas. You all right. The line art has to be strong, or the colors will just fall flat.

I'll post more of the line art for you guys to check out.

Thanks again! ;)


Bat said...

I just wanted to chime in and say I'm a new subscriber...but I am definitely dig'n the raw line art as well. Thanks for considering posting more! So glad I found your blog! See ya round.