Friday, December 04, 2009

Drawing for fun - VIKING!! pt. I

Been doing warm ups before pages, and worked on this about 5 minutes at a pop all week. This is Bram "The Quiet" from the stunning Images series, VIKING. Written by my pal and regular collaborator Ivan Brandon and drawn/painted/ninja'ed by the amazing Nic Klein.

Haven't worked on it the last two days, but figured I'd share it before I get much further on it so you can see the work in progress.



Samax said...

i need to check that book out! hell, i need to check ANYTHING out (poverty sucks...)

anyways, can't wait to see this when it's finally finished!

Unknown said...

I dig watching your work come to life. Man, when you lay down the ink your work goes from really, really good to badass. Thanks for posting, Mike.

Samax said...

yeah 美好, i know exactly what you mean... #imsorryWHAT

Mike Hawthorne said...

samax - Ha! Yeah, it sucks. If it wasn't for getting comps I wouldn't read a lot of comics me'self.

Thanks, BTW.

Oran - Thanks alot, man. After posting this I caught a mistake that I corrected, and will post about that next time around.

美好 - Uh, thanks for the f-ing spam porn links and shit. You suck. I will delete you now. Please, very kindly fuck off.

seth hurley said...

damn, the inks are ill.

and look at that nose!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Seth. Yeah, I wanted him to look like he's been in a scrap or two....thousand. I wanted that nose to look like it's been broken several times.