Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What if Comic Twart ran Marvel?

Hey all!

So, the fellas on Comic Twart got the idea to devote two weeks to the theme of us all taking over various Marvel books. I expect great things from the boys.

I've picked two books, one for each week. This week I chose The X-men. I had planned to paint this but CONAN is calling. So you'll have to settle for the pencils till I can either paint or ink it.

Here's the rough version with all the construction drawing done in red-


PS - After I started this I noticed I forgot to add Beast, so here's a piece I did of him for a pal a while back.

PSS - I shoulda' added Rogue too! Drat!


Simon said...

Wow... EPIC work, Mike.

James Harren said...

That spread is incredible, Mike!!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Simon - Thanks, man!

Hey, read your new book! Amazing stuff!

James - Thanks,James. 'preciate it :)


the comics expert said...

And you forgot Kitty ^_^

I love the piece. It says a lot that you go for the '80s team.
Maybe you could pinch-hot on Uncanny X-Force when Jerome Opena needs a break. Not like you've never done that before -_^

Mike Hawthorne said...

Damn, you're right! I did forget her, and Lockheed!

Also, about pinch-hitting, I have indeed done that a time or three ;-)